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Bundle Of The Month - June 2021

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Bundle of the Month Promo special for June are a unique array of products! For those of you that want to try something new but don't know what to try or you're looking for a gift for the honey lover in your life this bundle is sure to please! 

What's included? 

Orange Chocolate Bag - 6.25oz Bag of our Dark Chocolate Orange Honey Patties! The light orange taste mixed with the honey make these sweet treats a team favorite. Being dairy free, gluten free, and only using all-natural ingredients makes these sweet treats safe for everyone to consume. 

Cocoa Chocolate Bag - 6.25oz Bag of our Dark Chocolate Cocoa Honey Patties! These are only made with 2 ingredients: 100% Dark Chocolate & Raw Honey. They are delicious!

Lemon Honey Straws - Lemon Honey Straws have a light taste of Lemon which pairs well with hot tea or just a sweet treat to snack on. It's not overpowering and blends well with other flavors. 

Cinnamon Apple Honey Spread - Our Cinnamon Apple Spread Honey is pure ”raw” clover honey with apple flavoring and natural ground cinnamon mixed in for a delicious, guilt-free, two ingredient spread! Contrary to its name there is -no- creme in it and it is -not- whipped, It's smooth, crystallized, and perfectly spreadable!

Raw Honey Spread - The purest form of honey. We have a unique way of crystalizing it and smoothing back out to become a butter-like consistency. It's great for spreading over toast or mixing into your oatmeal!

Honey Dill Mustard Mini - Our Honey Dill mustard is a dill forward yellow mustard. It's a must try for your sandwiches, deviled eggs, and over a brat. It's dill-icious!

Honey Hot Mustard Mini - Our Honey Hot mustard is a mild back of the tongue kind of honey hot. This mustard has a great zing flavor with underlying hints of honey. Amazing as a standalone dip and a great addition to any sandwich, this will be the talk of the party or bring your lunch to a whole new level. 

Why Buy The Bundle?  

We are so glad you asked! We want you to try something new! In fact, we want you to try something new so bad that we are offering this bundle which would normally cost $56 for only $39.00!! Take advantage and enjoy!! These products make GREAT Christmas Gifts so share with your family and friends.

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