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Honey Spread - What Is It and How Do I Use It?

Once you try honey spread, you'll never return to other spreads. With no refined sugars and no dairy, our Honey Acres honey spreads are a natural upgrade from processed spreads and jams. It is a great way to enjoy the unique flavor of honey in a creamy, spreadable treat. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about honey spread, including some mouth-watering serving suggestions.

What is honey spread?

Honey spread goes by several names – creamed honey, whipped honey, and spun honey – all of which describe this delicious and versatile condiment. A careful tempering and churning process gives honey spread its light and creamy texture without any unnatural additives.


Honey spread is like heaven for your senses. Here's what it looks, feels, and tastes like!

The look

Rather than translucent and golden, like liquid honey, honey spread is opaque and light tan in color (depending on flavor). Picture a cross between honey and butter. It looks divine, and the texture will make you want to dive right in!

The feel

Our creaming process makes the texture of our honey spread thick yet light, similar to soft butter. Because it’s more solid than regular honey, honey spread drips less and spreads effortlessly. The look and feel of honey spread make it irresistible, but the best part about it is the taste.  

The taste

Our honey spread tastes even better than it looks. Its light texture pairs with a melt-in-your-mouth eating experience. You’ll be pleased that the honey spread retains the classic honey flavor you know and love. Honey Acres also offers craftily flavored spreads, including raspberry, cinnamon, lemon, and more.

How we make our honey spread

Regular honey will naturally crystallize over time, forming small, grainy crystals that harden the honey. Creamed honey is carefully processed to create tiny, evenly-sized crystals that transform it from hard to a smooth and creamy texture.

At Honey Acres, our proprietary method allows us to produce premium-quality creamed honey. We got really good at making craft honey spreads by perfecting the center of our chocolates – which is a honey spread!

First, we ensure the honey is de-crystallized and at an optimal moisture level. We introduce a “seed” crystal (from a previous batch) that acts as a catalyst to grow more similarly sized crystals.

Then, we cool and regularly stir to prevent the crystals from getting too large. We mix the seed honey into the batch evenly and control the temperature (optimally between 57 and 63 degrees Fahrenheit).

Finally, we naturally flavor, bottle, and chill the honey. Once you get yourself a jar of our honey spread, store it at room temperature to maintain its fantastic texture and perfect spreadability. Refrigerating it may make it too solid.

Here’s an idea! Make some room in your lazy susan cabinet – a great place to store honey spread. That way, it will stay spreadable and easily accessible when you’re ready to use it.

How to use honey spread

There are many ways to enjoy creamed honey. You can put it on your favorite dishes and confections. Unlike regular honey, which is often runny and sticky, creamed honey has a velvety texture that is perfect for spreading on breads and pastries.


Many people love to use it as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast dishes. Add it to yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies for a touch of sweetness.


Give it a try the next time you’re looking for a tasty topping. Our Raspberry Honey Spread is a customer favorite on breakfast delights such as toast, English muffins, and bagels. It’s also the perfect addition to a charcuterie board!



Despite its look and name, honey spread does NOT contain any dairy. In fact, all Honey Acres products are allergen- and gluten-free. However, it pairs nicely with butter – if you’re into that sort of thing. Smear some honey spread and butter on a piece of warm cornbread, and thank us later!

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